Twin Lakes

The Cuyahoga Valley

Early Fall

Fowler Cemetary

Teton Village

In the Petrified Forest

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The Canadian Rockies

The Grand Tetons - Wyoming

Moraine Lake

Bryce Canyon NP Utah

Autumn Color

The falls once more

The Clocktower

Quarry Park

An avalanche in Canada

An evening with the oldies

Flinx's Travels

Michigan Color

And Kali made fun of me for taking this picture.

The town hall.

The taunt

Nugget being teased by a mean squirrel

Last light

Evening Fire

The sunset and clouds

Soft Glow

Even on a Monday

There is beauty in the world.

The victory bell. Kent State University.

A little piece of history. Here in 1970 students rang this bell before 4 were killed during a protest.


A harbor seal

Pelican brief

Winged migration

Another drive

Another view

of Grand Rapids from the other side of the river

Another taste of home.

Chagrin Falls

Grand Rapids

From the freeway

My tour guide.

My best friend Kali.

A view

From a park overlooking the city Posted by Picasa

Sail boats

On Lake Michigan.

Since Kali said it was nice here I had to know what it looked like, and she is right.

Victorian beauty

Just a sample of the amazing homes I saw here.

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