The end of the Rainbow

Early Spring at Home

The Lodge

Halloween Moon

Autumn returns

Since there is so much dust on this blog, and I am finally more or less settled in Michigan, I took the chance to grab a shot of this maple near our apartment.

A wedding basket

Storm approaches

A first shot

I had almost forgotten I had these. I took a few shots of the clouds before a storm on the day I received my new camera from Kali.

A bit of humor

I got a chance to visit Kali and Indy a little bit ago, and Kali managed this perfectly timed shot of the boy sticking his tongue out at me. Maybe I shouldn't have taken his chewy stick away.

Looking for food

A small shed

As I said on The Cave, I was gifted with a new camera, so I took it with me to my sister's wedding in southeast Ohio. There were some interesting things to shoot, so shoot I did.

The taunt.

Evil squirrels! I may have posted this one a while ago, but since deleted it. Here is Nugget being teased. Since we don't have any of Indy and a squirrel, Kali and I thought this would give you all an idea of how mean those critters can be.

At Ecola with Haystack Rock behind us.

Flavel House Astoria, Oregon

Kali and I were watching The Goonies this past weekend, and I thought I would post this shot she took of the building that was used as the museum in the film.

I have been also missing the Pacific of late, so more shots will appear now and again. Photos will hold until we can be there again.

The newest arrival...Indiana! This little man has some nifty hobbies such as squeaky toys, sleeping, not realizing his bed is a place to sleep, rather than a mate, and snuggling under blankets. Our efforts to make him as happy and comfy as possible will be unending. He is adjusting well to a new home, and seems to like it. Especially the squirrels..more to come, as this part of Ohio is somewhat less than photo friendly.

Green River, Wyoming

Wyoming - Early

After a very nasty fight with a severe upper respiratory infection, I thought I would throw some more shots up from the drive back East

20 minutes later

Into the storm.

An early rose

A day in Washington Park

The Pacific speaks

Crescent Beach


Home Again


A day at the "Farms"

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