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Laceleaf Maple

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Autumn Comes


I love horror and scifi/fantasy stuff, so since it was VERY dark out behind Pittock Mansion, I fooled with the camera settings, and took this shot. This is SO needing a guy in a mask or a monster or something...maybe even a ghost in one of the upstairs windows....

Rose Garden at night

Evening falls

Oh my

Now, I know this isn't the greatest shot, but this is the digital zoom fully on on this camera.

A new blanket of snow


We were very excited to saee that the sky was clear on this side of the Coast Range, and even more excited when Mt. Hood came into view on the way home. What will follow are several shots from Washington Park that I took so that my good friend Steve in Michigan can see " That big f****ng rock" I moved here for.

Cape Foulweather

Agate Beach

This is the view INTO the light itself. The glass you see is a Fresnel lens, which in this case is the one that was placed in this lighthouse on August 20, 1873.

Back to Yaquina Head

It had been a long time, so I told Kimberly Friday that I thought she would like to see Newport, and Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We loaded up the pups, and drove out to see one of the best places to go in Oregon.

Friday morning

More night shots

Good evening Portland

We ran to Washington Park this afternoon since the sky cleared enough to see Mt Hood, and we stuck around until dark for some night shots. I then got the idea to see if the grounds at Pittock Mansion were opened, and WOHOO!! They were, so we ran out back of the mansion to get some shots.

Ying Rock Sculpture

Chinese Garden

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