Water and rocks

Latourell Falls

Sheppard's Dell

Vista House

Horsetail Falls

Waukeena Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

West Hills View

Well, we were told that we had a great view of Mt Hood before we moved here. LIE! However, we do have a great view of the West Hills, which look really cool at night.

Night over Portland


Tea House

Floral Fireworks

Sunday Sky

Rose Garden

Cresent Beach and Coast Range

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Haystack Rock

Back to Ecola

We finally were able to get out of the aparment to do some things today, so I figured it was time to head to my favorite place...Ecola State Park. The Pacific welcomed us home with a nice cool breeze and a bit of spray.

Home at last

After two years of being away, and five days on the road, Kimberly and I are now back home in Oregon. More pics will follow when we have had a chance to breathe and get settled at our new jobs.

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