The surrounding area


The new fallen snow and the grey ash and pyroclastic flows.

Maximum zoom

Full zoom on the lava dome.

The Lava Dome

I used the digital zoom and my new tripod here to grab several shots of the still steaming lava dome.

Winter begins

From Johnston Ridge

Mt Adams

Getting closer

Another wonderful clear day arrived, so we headed out to Mt. St. Helens. The first visitor centor offered some nice views, and was one of the two left opened. Coldwater closed for good on the 7th of this month and Johnston Ridge (home of the usgs volcanocam) closed for the season on the 5th.


It was clear enough to see St. Helens (which we are heading to Friday) and Mt Rainier on her left shoulder.


I was playing with the digital zoom on the camera, and grabbed this nifty shot of the moon.

Mt. Hood from Mt. Tabor

Kimberly noted a park in Mt. Tabor and we shot over there from Washington Park. This park is a bit run-down, but still very nice, and offered this outstanding view of Hood.

Mt Adams

We went to Hoyt Aboretum to check out Mt St. Helens, and saw Adams peeking out from behind some trees, and I needed to grab a shot, as I don't recall ever having posted one before.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had some turkey at about noon, then realised we had a lot of free time, and since just about everyone is in having their bird, we would take advantage of a very clear day.

Our View

When we picked this place, we were told we had a GREAT view of Mt. Hood. Well......Not really, but we can see her from our balcony on a clear day now that the leaves are all gone from the trees. This was yesterday morning at about 7 am. Not to shabby.

November Morning

Wedding Bliss

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