The pups group shot.

As you can see, the kids are all asleep together for the first time in almost two months. Indiana slipped a disc the weekend before Christmas, and the prognosis wasn't very good for him to walk again. He basically went "full down", which means total loss of the back legs around the first of the year. Two vets told us surgery was the only option, however, $5000 was a bit out of reach, and there are known cases of some recovery from crate rest and medication. Tuesday evening, February 5th, Kimberly and I were having baked chicken for dinner, and Indiana, ever the opportunist, sat at her feet as if to use his jedi pup powers to give hime some. Kimberly told him..."If you take a few steps and walk, you get a whole chicken breast. Apparantly, dogs DO understand English, since we went outside for potty, and......(insert music) Indiana took 4 solid steps, thus making Kimberly eat her words. As of this weekend, the boy is walking very well, and trying to make sure the girls know HE is in charge.


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